Welcome Aboard Mark Taylor!

Precision Environmental is pleased to announce that we have appointed Mark Taylor as our Vice President of Sales!

Mark Taylor serves as Vice President of Sales. He is a forthright and results-driven sales leader with over 20 years of experience in business development, vendor relations, competitive sales analysis, contract negotiation, sales training, sales cycle process, cold calling, and telecommunications.

Mark is passionate about cultivating long-term relationships and alliances, yielding high levels of success in environmental health & safety, insurance, residential housing, multi-family housing, healthcare, commercial and corporate markets. In addition, Mark has a knack for devising creative solutions to overcome obstacles, adapt to changing circumstances, and attain business goals.

Mark's goal with Precision Environmental is to empower our customers and bring customer service to the forefront.

Connect with Mark Taylor: Cell: (310) 625-4135 - Email:

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Mark Taylor
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