Bed Bugs


Some Benefits and Advantages of Precision Environmental’s Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

  • 100% effective – Bed bugs are highly resistant to every pesticide that is currently available. A chemical treatment will leave behind these resistant bed bugs and eggs. There is absolutely no resistance to heat. Once the temperature is raised to the lethal level, all bed bugs and their eggs are destroyed.

  • You're back in your home pithing 8 hours.

  • Heat will penetrate into areas where chemicals, steam and freezing cannot. The heat will penetrate into wall voids, the center of mattresses, behind baseboards, in hollow bed posts, thick furniture and under carpets. Other methods simply cannot penetrate these areas where bed bugs and their eggs are typically found.


  • Faster treatment time – The Heat Treatment process requires a single treatment and is 100% effective. Other methods require multiple treatments while still leaving resistant strains of bed bugs and eggs behind.


  • Simple preparation – The Heat Treatment process requires only minimal preparation before treatment. Other methods require washing all clothing and bedding, bagging them up and removing them from the premises before they treat.


  • No need to discard your infested furniture. Other methods sometimes require that you discard your bed or couch. 


  • Heat kills mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other indoor allergens. It also reduces odors and leaves the treated areas smelling fresh.

  • Eliminates you tenant’s exposure to toxic chemicals thus limiting your liability.


Why use Precision Environmental, Inc. over other companies that offer heat?


  • Precision has performed more heat treatments than anyone in the world. We have the most experienced and highest trained technicians in the industry.

  • Many Precision Heat Technicians and Management have trained other companies around the world on how to perform Heat Treatments.


  • We are Heat Treatment specialists; we do not perform the other methods of control that have been mentioned above.


  • Precision has been at the forefront of using ThermaPureHeat® for eradicating bed bugs. We continue to develop new and improved techniques as well as new and more efficient equipment.


  • Precision Environmental has been in business for 30 years and is one of the most well respected firms in the industry. We have completed over 25,000 projects and have a client list that includes: Department of Defense, National Park Service, UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSB, Stanford, LAUSD, National Forest Service, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ventura Unified School District, City of Santa Barbara and almost every major hotel chain in the nation.