Total Loss Inventory

A Total Loss Inventory report lists non-salvageable items affected after a water, fire, smoke, mold, or asbestos loss. The insurance company has agreed to provide "like-kind and quality" for damaged items, and if the items affected were not able to be restored to pre-loss Condition, the insurance company will pay for those items and salvage them.

Total Loss Inventory

When is Total Loss Inventory needed?

When contents have become damaged/contaminated, the customer is making a claim through a third party (i.e., insurance carrier, property management co.) to seek compensation.

Home Inventory Service | You’ve invested a great deal of time and energy turning your house into a home. Wildfires in California and Arizona prove more than ever just how important it is to obtain a complete home inventory list for insurance. Precision Environmental covers short, and long-term goals for property owners who need home inventory services after a partial or total loss. A contents list, simply stated, is a itemized list that documents all your valuable possessions.

Total Loss Inventory Precision Environmental
Contents List For Insurance Precision Environmental Contents List For InsuranceTotal Loss Inventory

Contents List For Insurance

Has your personal property been damaged by water, fire, mold, asbestos, lead, or smoke? Our team of Total Loss Inventory specialists will photograph all items; create a detailed list with as much information as possible, including physical description, size, brand, model, year of manufacture and location within your property. The List is then sent to the adjuster who has the items valued. The valuation process is used to determine reimbursement. This allows the adjuster to see your actual losses in a detailed manner so the adjuster can begin reimbursement for your personal property losses. Total loss inventory is also significant to you as Precision Environmental provides a valuable starting point; to know what will need to replace to get you back to pre-loss condition. For most people, if asked, it would be impossible to remember each, and every item located in your home. Precision Environmental will also take care of all the transportation and disposal of contaminated items or items posing a health hazard.

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Certain items will be considered a "total loss." There are two main reasons that an item is deemed a total loss.

  • It is not economical to restore the item to its pre-loss condition.
  • The item is damaged so severely that it cannot be restored.

Pack-Out | Pack-Back:

Contents will be appropriately inventoried, packaged, moved, and stored. In addition, your contents will be carefully handled to ensure your personal property incurs minimal damage during your loss.

Contents Manipulation:

Contents will be moved to an unaffected area of the home/site. In situations where structural repairs are necessary, but contents were not affected by the environmental influence, there is still a need to properly remove those items from the affected area. As contractors know we are specialized in contents handling, moving and storage; some will utilize our service to manipulate (maneuver) the contents to a safe area of the property that will not be disturbed or affected by the structural repairs. In this instance we still perform photographic documentation and ensure items are properly padded and stored on-site to ensure they are safely stored.

Contents Manipulation Pack-Out Pack-Out and Pack-Back Services

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