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You’ve invested a great deal of time and energy turning your house into a home. Wildfires in California prove more than ever just how important it is to obtain a complete home or business inventory list for insurance. Precision Environmental covers short, and long-term goals for property owners who need home inventory service after a partial or total loss. A brief guide to contents manipulation. Replacement insurance promises to replace your lost belongings. But there's a catch.

To deliver replacement cost, insurers require proof of possession, quality, and condition of your property. Without this proof, an inadequate settlement could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Disaster can strike in many ways

If you suffered a catastrophic loss, would you be able to remember everything you had? When faced with a major loss, you’re under unimaginable stress and left relying on your memory to document countless items. DIY apps and checklists are unreliable and don’t fit your specific needs. But without a home inventory for insurance, you’re at a big disadvantage, and financial risk. A properly documented contents inventory list may be your most valuable asset.

Why wait?

The cost to protect your investment is minimal compared to what you stand to lose if you DIY. Be proactive now to minimize the hardship and financial loss usually associated with water, fire, smoke, asbestos, lead, hazardous environments, and wildfire related events.

Do not DIY contents inventory

This is not a DIY project for property owners. Doing your own contents inventory requires proper equipment, knowledge of what should be documented in a way that’s accessible to your insurance agent or legal team. Precision Environmental validates the documentation to maximize insurance claim reimbursement and avoid legal issues down the road. Especially in a hazardous environment.

Contents inventory will help with:

  • Verify adequate insurance coverage
  • Settle claims quickly
  • Maximize reimbursement from insurance claims
  • Assist with recovery planning
  • Validates the value of your property, also serving as a keepsake for future generations
  • Provide documentation for electronics, furniture, etc., located in your business offices or home.

Content Manipulation

Sometimes the water, mold, fire, smoke and/or hazardous environment can be so extensive that all of the contents of your home need to be manipulated in order to properly remediate and repair. Our team will carefully package and store your furniture, appliances and other contents in a secure, climate controlled warehouse while our professional team quickly repairs your property.

We work with all insurance companies. Throughout the entire damage restoration process we’ll work directly with your insurance company so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

We understand the challenge

  • Contents manipulation
  • Standardization and accountability
  • Indemnity, loss adjustment expense rising
  • Frustrated with your current solution for managing contents? — Contact Precision Environmental!

The Pack-Out Process

We will inform you quickly and communicate with your insurance adjuster or property manager. Prior to beginning the pack out, we’ll photograph each room to document the objects and guarantee precise placement upon return. Ranging from the smallest keepsakes to your largest household belongings, your possessions will be in safe hands. Our well-trained team uses industry-approved packing materials and boxes for safe transfer and storage of your belongings. Additionally, your items will be marked for tracking and ease.

Efficient Insurance Claims Procedure

Hand-written inventory lists are a thing of the past. Our process reduces the time an insurance claims handler spends calculating replacement costs and making replace or repair decisions. Thorough content listings contain complete details such as the make, model and description of your belongings. This will limit potential liabilities and minimize the severity of your claims. We work with you during the course of the process to establish a rapid resolution.

Why is Property Loss Inventory Service important?

What is Total Loss Inventory? Loss or damage in personal property. Most property insurance require loss or damage to insured property as a threshold requirement for coverage. This requirement is easily met. When, insured property is damaged by asbestos, lead, fire, water, or smoke, there is a physical change or structural damage to that property. Precision Environmental checks all the boxes when it come to contents damage. As they say, "Hindsight is 20/20." Rarely does the average property owner know to prepare for the worst. Relying on memory to re-create a comprehensive list of belongings greatly lowers the chance that you will collect your full insurance return.

Contents List For Insurance

Our process is in accordance with the Insurance Information Institute, and backed by the California Department of Insurance. This enables our customers to stay ahead in an emergency situation and allows the adjuster to see your actual losses in a detailed manner and quickly begin reimbursement for your personal property losses.

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