Drywood Termites

Heat Treatment - A Chemical Free Replacement for Fumigation

Drywood Termites

Some Benefits and Advantages of Precision Environmental’s Heat Treatment:


  • Absolutely no chemicals.


  • Faster treatment time– The heat process requires approx. 8 hours to complete, compared to three days for chemical fumigation.


  • Eliminates the cost and inconvenience of homeowners having to move out for 3 days. (Lodging, food, boarding of pets)


  • Our supervisors and technicians are on-site for the duration of the treatment so there is no need to worry or hire security while your home sits unoccupied for days during a chemical fumigation.


  • No risk of roof, satellite or antenna damage. We enclose the exterior from the eaves down. Chemical fumigation requires walking and dragging heavy tarps across the roof which may damage the roofing material and other items on the roof. Fumigation requires you to sign a release of liability for roof, satellite dish, antenna and plant damage.


  • Heat kills insect eggs and wood boring beetles. Chemical fumigation does not destroy the eggs or eradicate wood-boring beetle infestations.

  • Heat can also be used to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other indoor allergens.


  • Heat treatment reduces or eliminates odors and leaves the building smelling fresh.


  • Heat dries out wet wood members, which helps to prevent mold, fungi/dryrot and termite re-infestations.​

According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs the only two effective methods for total (whole-house) eradication are fumigation and heat.  The ability for heat to penetrate inside of wood to kill dry wood termites makes the Heat Treatment process an effective non-chemical tool for whole structure eradication of these pests.


Termite Fact Sheet from the California Department of Consumer Affairs


Drs. Forbes and Ebeling studied the effects of heat on drywood termites.  In 1987 they published the results of their studies and found that at a temperature of 130º F a 100% mortality of adult dry wood termite nymphs may be achieved in 6 minutes.  The full results of their study may be found in the table above.

How it works?

Heat technicians introduce clean, dry heat into the structure, gradually increasing the temperature until the wood core reaches 130 degrees. Technicians then maintain the temperature at or above that level for 1.5 hours to ensure a complete kill. The entire procedure may be completed in as little as 8 hours.


The heat process is the perfect solution for those who want to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals.