Got Water Damage or Mold Damage?

First, decide if you need to call Precision Environmental. You may be able to address some minor problems yourself however, depending on the severity, you should CALL A PRO AT 800-375-7786.

  • Check your house regularly for signs of water damage. Ceilings may show water stains.
  • Outside, standing water near the foundation of your home may be a sign that water problems are developing in the interior of your home.


These three categories determine the approach Precision Environmental will take to get your home back to pre-loss condition.

  1. CLEAN WATER - Water coming from a Faucet is clean water. Depending on the situation, a category one may only require thorough drying.
  2. GRAY WATER - If an appliance malfunctions, the water coming from it will be cloudy and grayish colored that water has chemicals or cleaning agents that might make you sick. Because of the presence of chemicals, category two events require thorough drying and, in most cases cleaning to remove any chemical residue.
  3. BLACK WATER - Black Water, and usually this is the term applied to sewage backups, has a high pathogen count. It’s the most severe problem. Category three should be dealt with by professionals. This is a dangerous situation, and category three water damage situations require the most thorough cleaning. It will necessitate a several-step procedure to restore your property to a safe condition.

Where there is water damage, typically, mold follows. Mold is a severe health issue. Inhaling mold spores, especially in an indoor environment, can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Stop Source Leak, this sounds simple enough, but it isn’t always. For example, the small leak from an interior pipe may travel along the pipe’s exterior and drip many feet away, so that spot on the ceiling may not be where the drip originates.

Content Manipulation, this can include furniture, books, boxes, belongings. Your belongings can be taken to an offsite storage area where they can be thoroughly dried and, if possible, reclaimed.

Mold Prevention & Eradication Comes Next, this can include a Mold Remediation procedure recommended by the EPA followed by a thorough drying of premises.

Finally, a reconstruction or rebuild phase begins. Precision Environmental will rebuild walls, replace the carpet or other floorings, repaint, and move your reclaimed belongings back into the property. Our team of professionals delivers quick response, superior workmanship, and, most importantly, experience. At Precision Environmental, our objective is to restore your property efficiently and professionally to its pre-loss condition.

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