Precision Environmental Can Save Your Property!

Precision Environmental Can Save Your Property!

Ever experienced a random leak in the ceiling, a bubbling in your paint, or what appears to be mold that came virtually out of nowhere? Unfortunately, these water-related issues are not uncommon for property owners, especially in businesses that see a lot of traffic. If you’ve noticed these events and chose to ignore them, you most likely have a bigger problem than you think. Contacting water damage companies may seem a bit extreme for a minor leak, but the sooner you reach us, the less money you’ll spend.

Have Precision Environmental on Speed Dial

A water-related emergency at your business, property, or home can be one of the single most devasting events, primarily if you don’t act quickly. Precision Environmental should be contacted as soon as possible if you encounter any sign of a leak or type of flooding. In most circumstances, the damage is not fully visible to the naked eye. A professional will need to survey the property as early as possible to mitigate any potential for costly damages. When you have a plan in place for an emergency, Precision Environmental can be on standby 24/7 and already know the layout of your business, saving even more time when it is critical.

Tools and Techniques Precision Environmental Use for Water Mitigation

Water Removal
The first step in limiting the ongoing damage that water can cause is extraction. Then, the right equipment, used correctly and quickly, can limit additional damage.

Structural Drying
By utilizing proper drying techniques, and emergency services company can create air movement and increase evaporation that reduces further harm to property. Desiccant Dehumidifiers work when moist, and incoming air flows over a wheel filled with a silica gel desiccant. This process removes moisture.

Thermal Imaging Analysis

Thermal imaging analysis is used to identify areas where water damage may have occurred and offered a non-destructive way to scan for the potential presence of moisture. This technique is paramount in discovering any potential water damage that the naked eye cannot see.

Temporary HVAC
Temporary heating and air-conditioning units maintain a property’s temperature requirements regardless of the building use.

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