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We're excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Mariana Lopez, who joins us as our Senior Project Director In San Diego County. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Mariana brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our growing family.

Mariana's journey in the construction and project management field has been a remarkable one. Her diverse experience spans across various areas, including reconstruction, mitigation, abatement estimating, and office management. This versatile background equips her with a unique perspective that will undoubtedly benefit our customers and their projects. One of the standout qualities that Mariana possesses is her unwavering commitment to excellence. She has consistently demonstrated her dedication to delivering top-notch results for her clients. Her attention to detail and insistence on maintaining the highest standards in her work make her a valuable asset to any project she's involved in. Mariana's ability to tackle challenges head-on is truly inspiring. She approaches every obstacle as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Her problem-solving skills have not only helped her overcome hurdles but have also led to creative solutions that have exceeded expectations.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mariana is someone who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. She's passionate about spending quality time with family and friends, often engaging in volleyball. But that's not all – Mariana has an interesting hidden talent! She's an incredibly fast reader and typist. Her ability to process information quickly and efficiently is a testament to her sharp intellect and dedication to continuous learning.

As Mariana takes on her role as Senior Project Director, we look forward to her leadership and the positive impact she will bring to our team. Her expertise, dedication, and ability to rise to any challenge will be invaluable as we pursue new horizons and strive for excellence in all that we do.

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Mariana Lopez SR Project Director With Precision Environmental
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