Welcome Aboard Sergio Figueroa!

We are delighted to introduce Sergio Figueroa, our new Vice President of Operations based in Arizona. Sergio brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant energy to our team.

Hailing from Chandler, Arizona, Sergio is a true Arizonian at heart, although he's also a transplant from the Bay Area in San Jose California. He is a dedicated family man, with two sons and a precious new baby girl who undoubtedly keep him on his toes. Spending quality time with his kids and family is his cherished pastime.

In addition to family moments, Sergio is an avid golfer. He's not just passionate about the sport; he's actively involved in promoting the Restoration Golf League in Arizona. Through this initiative, he aims to unite professionals in the industry over a game of golf, fostering camaraderie and collaboration.

When he's not on the golf course, you might find Sergio enjoying UFC matches and football games. Another passion of his lies in collecting vinyl records, indulging in the timeless joy of music.

Sergio's journey in the industry began in testing, showcasing his technical expertise, then transitioned into business development and estimating, honing his strategic skills. Now, as our VP of Operations, Sergio brings a unique blend of hands-on experience and leadership acumen to the table.

We look forward to the innovative ideas and positive energy you'll bring to our Arizona operations. Please join us in welcoming Sergio Figueroa to the team. We are excited about the exciting possibilities ahead under his leadership.

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Sergio Figueroa VP, Operations Arizona
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