Heat can dry and kill bacteria associated with sewage losses.


Sewage leaks can be a major health hazard to any individual occupying a structure. The pathogens left behind from a sewage spill include Salmonellae, Shigellae, enteric viruses, E. coli, Hookworm eggs, and Roundworm eggs. The Heat process can be used to kill many of the pathogens found in sewage. The table below shows the pathogen and the lethal temperatures to kill them.

Common indicators of the presence of these organisms in sewage are the presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) and the fecal streptococcus group. E. coli are aerobic bacteria that can be found in the feces, colon, or gut of warm-blooded animals. It is contracted by coming into contact with objects or substances that have come been contaminated by the fecal material of man or animals. The fecal material can come from the runoff of a dead animal upstream, cattle, spills, or raw sewage overflow. There have also been cases of airborne transmission reported.

"7 year study shows how heat is effective in killing bacteria associated with sewage losses."

The ThermaPureHeat® process has proven to be effective in disinfecting the contaminants present in raw sewage. Not only will the process render bacteria non-viable, but it will also minimize the disposal costs, because the waste does not need to be disposed of as a biohazard.

Utilizing the ThermaPureHeat® process to both dry the structure and eliminate or reduce the sewage pathogens to acceptable levels can be an effective disinfection tool. The use of structural pasteurization as a part of the drying process will effectively eliminate sewage pathogens. Bulk removal of sewage materials is a much easier and safer process for workers once ThermaPureHeat® has been used.

Odor reduction or elimination with Heat

Sewage losses have significant odors. These odors reflect the naturally occurring chemical changes in the bacteria or other biological organisms that are present as a result of the sewage loss. ThermaPureHeat will reduce or remove these odors reflecting a clean indoor air environment.