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Photocatalytic Clear Treatment

Protect your facilities for months with nanoparticle coating to maintain the sanitation of all your surfaces using our anti-microbial and anti-viral clear coat to remove and prevent spread of contaminants and harmful compounds.

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Free Assessment

Our Highly trained, green pro certified specialists identify and treat all surfaces in the facility to mitigate the spread of disease-causing pathogens.

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Photocatalytic Nanocoating

A maintenance free clean technology that uses light energy to clean surfaces and the air around it, naturally preventing spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Natural & Durable

Using the energy of light, the oxidation process is activated by air and light, naturally purifying treated spaces for up to six months.

Nanocoating Treatment Solution from Precision Environmental was developed to

provide healthcare, government and commercial facilities with an effective and  long lasting way to maintain a healthy, clean, and sanitized environment.

Using photocatalysis, a natural phenomenon, our coating treatment uses the energy of light

(natural or artificial) to remove contaminants and

harmful compounds. Air and light, activates the

oxidation process, decomposing contaminant

organic and inorganic substances that come in

contact with the treated surfaces.

Nanocoating Treatment Solution reduces pollution, keeps surfaces clean, reduces odors,and prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Nanocoating Clear Treatment (Office Spac
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Use Cases

Sanitization of healthcare,

government and commercial

facilities. For use on indoor

and outdoor surfaces to

eliminate air pollution, keep

surfaces clean, prevent the

development of bacteria,

viruses, and fungi, and

eliminate odors.

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How It Works

Treated surfaces becomes selfcleaning

and purifies the surrounding air. Particulates in he coating react to natural or artificial light and changes on a molecular level where the

contaminant on the surface is

broken down. The treated

areas become anti-microbial

and anti-viral.

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Efficacy & Durability

Up to 100% reduction in ATP

measures can be obtained

after 40-60 minutes in

correctly illuminated surfaces.

Treatment contains

components to ensure

adhesion of minerals and

provides treatment durability

up to three years.