Water Damage Reststoration

24/7 Water Damage Response

Dry Buildings with Heat 

The heat process allows for rapid structural drying. Wet weather, high humidity, or other conditions resulting in vapor intrusion and condensation on structures can cause dangerous and expensive damage. Heat will eliminate moisture, and kill pathogens left in sewage spills or floodwater. Heat technology can be used for drying out construction areas…


Sewage leaks can be a major health hazard to any individual occupying a structure. The pathogens left behind from a sewage spill include Salmonellae, Shigellae, enteric viruses, E. coli, Hookworm eggs, and Roundworm eggs. The heat process can be used to kill many of the pathogens found in sewage. The table below shows the pathogen and the lethal temperatures to kill them...


There are many odors in a structure. One of the difficulties with understanding odors is that everyone perceives them differently. Each person’s sense of smell is unique and smell perception varies from person to person. Odors are the result of airborne chemical particles that are breathed or inhaled that stimulate odor receptors in our nose.